Sustainable energy without the hot air

This is still one of my favorite overviews of sustainable energy. David MacKay really did a great job explaining the major challenges.

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Bill Gates on Energy Storage

Here’s a recent blog post by Bill Gates, who seems to be very interested in energy storage.

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New work in progress on battery energy storage

I have updated the “work in progress” page providing two paper drafts on battery energy storage, one of my favorite topics in the past year…

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Jose’s talk on OpenGridMap at Energy Informatics 2015

Have fun watching… I think Jose did a great job explaining what the project is all about.


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Check out OpenGridMap – a tool for mapping grid infrastructure

Here is our first paper describing the prototype:

J. Rivera, C. Goebel, D. Sardari, H.-A. Jacobsen. OpenGridMap: An Open Platform for Inferring Power Grids with Crowdsourced Data. 6th Conference on Energy Informatics (EI2015), Karlsruhe, Germany. (2015) Link. Preprint PDF

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We have published several new papers…

C. Goebel, H.-A. Jacobsen. Aggregator-Controlled EV Charging in Pay-as-Bid Reserve Markets with Strict Delivery Constraints. Forthcoming in IEEE Transactions on Power Systems. (2016). Preprint PDF

J. Rivera, C. Goebel, H.-A. Jacobsen. Distributed Convex Optimization for Electric Vehicle Aggregators. Forthcoming in IEEE Transactions on Smart Grid. (2016) Link. Preprint PDF

V. del Razo, C. Goebel, H.-A. Jacobsen. Electric Vehicle Real-Time Charging Control with Vehicle-Originated-Signals. IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology (1:2): 150-167. (2015) Link

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Submit a paper to ACM e-Energy 2016! Deadline is approaching…

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